Mid-Level Champions

Aerie the Illusionist
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 0 star

Raised by a family of traveling magicians and performers, Aerie The Illusionist has mastered the art of illusion and doesn't even know her power! A young woman with the mind of a child, her magical ranged attacks are Illusionary and completely ignore the defender's armor! Although gifted with innate casting abilities and powerful spells like Psionic Blast, Vertigo and Mind Storm, Aerie is naive and needs you to help mature her skills. Gaining an extra 2 random mage picks, Aerie is definitely a powerful force in the making.

Allora the Elven Archer
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1/2 star

A master archer and member of aristocracy, Allora The Elven Archer has found your cause worthy of her time and talents, both of which will cost you plenty. Raised in the upper class of her elven society, she was privileged to the highest quality of training which is responsible for her amazing accuracy. In addition to being a Blade Master, Allora is a natural Path Finder capable of scaling any mountain and traversing any forest. She is so wealthy and powerful, she even gets 3 random skills of any type she wants! If Allora can't bring down your enemies herself -- and chances are, she can -- she will pay someone to do it!

Death Stryke The 
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 0 star

Renowned Dragon Slayer and general bad-ass, Death Stryke The Swordsman has seen and done it all. Looking for a little part time work to stay in shape, he is willing to kill anything you have in mind. You will have to pay him handsomely for his work, but with Constitution, Arms Master, Leadership, Legendary, and Might (did I miss anything?) he is worth every penny. Gaining 1 random fighter pick, Death Stryke will easily spill the blood of your toughest enemies.

Mystic X The Unknown
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1/2 star 0 star

Some say it is a divine being in she shape of a man while others say it is a creature from another world. Regardless of what it is, Mystic X The Unknown is an amazing hero. Whenever he shows up, he never appears the same way twice. That is because Mystic X has 5 (count em, 5!) random fighter/mage selections to choose from. The only constant is that he has casting ability and magical ranged attacks. With this amazing unpredictability, you never know if you'll be using Mystic X as a melee fighter or a magic user, but chances are good you will be using him.

Sir Harold The Knight
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 0 star

As a young man, Sir Harold The Knight was the champion of his day, leading his troops to victory after victory and vanquishing his enemies. Years of stories and songs about his battles have risen his fame to the level of Super Legendary and he has amassed great wealth and is now a Noble. Bored with his luxurious lifestyle, Sir Harold wants to reclaim his youth by joining your cause and is willing to pay you for it! His Constitution and Super Leadership attributes are more than welcome in any army. Gaining 1 random fighter pick, it is obvious that Sir Harold has no plans for retirement and you would be wise to keep him employed.

Warrax The Chaos Warrior
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1/2 star

According to Zaldron the Sage, who was present at the time, when Warrax The Chaos Warrior was born, the sky went dark, planets aligned, comets fell, and the earth shook. A being of pure Chaos, Warrax is the offspring of a powerful witch who was raped by a great drake. Too hideous to look at, he is forced to wear a visor in order to interact with ordinary mortals. A powerful caster able to call upon the forces of Chaos, Warrax has Arcane Power and Armor-Piercing magical ranged attacks. Also a competent melee fighter, he is capable of utilizing a staff or a weapon to do his damage. Along with Constitution and 3 random picks from any category, Warrax will help you bring order out of Chaos.

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