Low-Level Heroes

Bahgtru the Orc Warrior
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1/2 star 0 star 0 star

A warrior prince of the leading orc clan, Bahgtru the Orc Warrior is as tough as he is ugly. Looking for excitement and fortune, he has struck out on his own. With the Thrown attribute, Mountain Walk, and 1 random fighter pick, Bahgtru can be a surprisingly good investment.

Brax the Dwarf
Rating: 1 star 0 star 0 star 0 star 0 star

Old but rugged, Brax the Dwarf has left his mountain home to prove he can still give a good fight. However, only equipped with Mountain Walk and Constitution, Brax is more likely to get an early retirement from the sharp end of a sword. Not a particularly good investment, but a good "disposable" hero.

B'Shan the Dervish
Rating: 1 star 1/2 star 0 star 0 star 0 star

A wealthy merchant and so-called fighter, B'Shan the Dervish wishes to join your army and is willing to pay you for it! A half-rate archer but a fairly good dancer, he won't do much for your military might. However, with his Noble attribute adding 10 gold to your bank account each turn, B'Shan is an excellent "disposable" hero.

Gunthar the Barbarian
Rating: 1 star 1 star 2 star 0 star 0 star

Gunthar the Barbarian is your stereotypical hero. Handsome, gregarious, muscular, and dumb as a stump. However, with the Thrown attribute and Might, he is one hell of a fighter. Give Gunthar some experience and watch his attack strength skyrocket! He is a surprisingly good investment.

Rakir the Beastmaster
Rating: 1 star 0 star 0 star 0 star 0 star

A child of the forest, Rakir the Beastmaster brings his multitude of talents to your service. Equipped with the spell Resist Elements and a few spell points, Scouting III, and Forest Walk, he appears to be a good hero. But faced with a real fight, Rakir is as weak as a new born kitten. A good "disposable" hero he may be, but a good investment he is not.

Serena the Healer
Rating: 1 star 1 star 0 star 0 star 0 star

Sincere and noble, Serena the Healer is willing to protect your troops and heal their wounds. A natural healer as well as a spell caster with magical ranged attacks, she can not only heal your troops but hurt enemy troops as well. Add the fact that she gets 1 random mage pick and you can see that Serena is a worthy hero.

Shuri the Huntress
Rating: 1 star 1/2 star 0 star 0 star 0 star

Beautiful but dangerous, Shuri the Huntress offers her knowledge of the forest to your army. Able to blaze a trail through any forest or mountain, she is able to scour the countryside hunting down your enemies. With her already sharp accuracy being boosted by the Blade Master attribute, Shuri is one hero who can't miss. Not a bad investment.

Theria the Thief
Rating: 1/2 star 0 star 0 star 0 star 0 star

Quick as a gazelle and sly as a fox, Theria the Thief wants to steal a slot in your army's ranks. Being extremely Agile, she can dodge most attacks and take more hits than a normal hero which is good since she can't fight worth a damn. Although her Charmed attribute will protect her from negative enchantments and spells, it probably won't help Theria steal your heart.

Valana the Bard
Rating: 1 star 1 star 0 star 0 star 0 star

A natural born leader and morale booster, Valana the Bard will fight with your troops by day, and sing them to sleep at night. She's not much of a fighter but her Leadership attribute makes up for it by boosting the attack strength of your troops. Meanwhile she stays behind the battle casting Confusion and Vertigo on your enemies. Being a traveling bard, she should not stay in your army very long, but Valana is an excellent choice at the start of the game.

Zaldron the Sage
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 0 star 0 star

Rumored to have found the secrets of aging, Zaldron the Sage has been around long enough to accumulate the wisdom you so dearly need. His Sage attribute will help speed up your spell research while his casting ability and magical ranged attacks will keep those pesky troops from storming your castle. Add the fact that he has Counter Magic and Dispel Magic True, and Zaldron is a perfect home-defense system. Always a good choice, the earlier you grab Zaldron the better.

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