High-Level Heroes

Malleus The Magician
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1/2 star 0 star

A student of Chaos magic whose research has gone out of control, Malleus The Magician has lost his mind and become possessed! With magical ranged attacks boosted by his Arcane Power and spells like Fire Bolt, Fireball, Fire Elemental, and Flame Strike, he is a threat to society and probably to himself. However, sign him up for your army and make sure he gets his medicine, and it will be your enemies who will worry about him. An incredibly powerful caster who also receives 1 random mage pick, Malleus is a hero you should never pass up.

Morgana The Witch
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 0 star 0 star

Black as night, black as pitch, this describes the heart of Morgana The Witch. Rumored to have emerged from an evil gypsy clan, she posesses a powerful casting ability and magical ranged attacks. She is also equipped with Missile Immunity and her Charmed attribute ensures she never fails a resistance roll. Legend has it, she even traded her soul to the Devil in exchange for her 2 random Mage picks! Morgana is a fairly good pick for wizards looking to put the hex on their enemies.

Shalla The Amazon
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1/2 star 0 star

Queen of a tribe of female warriors, Shalla The Amazon Warrior has come out of the jungle to join your cause. Possessing a deadly combination of offensive skills, she has Thrown attacks which are boosted by her Might and Blade Master attributes. As for defense, she is Charmed and never fails a resistance roll. At this point, she doesn't really need it, but Shalla also gets 1 random fighter pick to add to her resume. Living up to her Amazon reputation, Shalla is an excellent pick.

Shin Bo The Ninja
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 1/2 star 0 star

Rumored to have come from an elite ninja clan, Shin bo The Ninja has mastered the art of assassination. From years of devout training he has achieved a level of stealth so high that he has become invisible! Able to sneak up to his targets without being seen or heard, Shin bo uses his Blade Master ability to ensure he inflicts maximum damage. As if not powerful enough, he also gains 2 random fighter picks to increase his skill. If you're looking to put some of your enemies on ice, hire Shin bo for the hit.

Spyder the Rogue
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1/2 star 0 star 0 star

Renowned for his dashing looks and powerful charisma, women swoon when Spyder The Rogue comes to town. With a strong Leadership skill, your troops will be more than happy to fight with him. And so many stories have been told about Spyder (half of them outrageous lies started by Spyder himself) that he is Super Legendary and will boost your wizards fame just by hiring him! He is not that great of a fighter, but has some potential with his 1 random fighter pick. Spyder is a guaranteed media blitz for a wizard in need of a little fame.

Yramrag the Warlock
Rating: 1 star 1 star 1 star 0 star 0 star

A dark elf who was exiled for stealing secrets from his elders, Yramrag The Warlock has left his forest home to seek a new beginning. The information Yramrag "acquired" from his previous masters granted him an amazingly powerful casting ability and extremely potent spells such as Lightning Bolt, Doom Bolt, and Warp Lightning. Being a spell caster he is naturally immune to missiles and also gains 1 random mage pick. Never a bad choice, Yramrag might shock you with his power.

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