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From hesiden@stoner.com:

To attract good heros quickly pick the Famous retort and take some life books and pick the Just Cause spell. Just Cause only takes 150 mana to cast with 3/mana upkeep. It raises your fame by 10 and reduces your unrest so you can inch up the taxes to help pay for the spell. With the Famous retort you can have a fame of 20 by turn 16 or so.

Excellent idea. I was just writing the bio for Spyder the Rogue, whose Super Legendary attribute would work wonders here as well. Once your fame reaches 20, and you have 300 gold on hand, Spyder might approach you for employment. If so, take him! His Super Legendary would immediately boost your fame by +4 and as soon as he advances 1 level, it would be boosted +9! By the time he reaches Demi-God, he would be boosting your already amazingly high fame by +40! Feel free to tax away!

From Dr. Bob:

There is also a situation that I assume is a MOM bug. If the flying hero is immune to a ranged attack (e.g. hero is flying and protected by Guardian Wind, so slingers can't damage him), he can be melee attacked by the ground units which would normally not be able to melee attack the hero. Same happens for a flying hero with Magic Immunity -- can be melee attacked by shamans, priest, etc.

Hmmm. I have noticed that my flying heroes are sometimes attacked by ground units even though they have flight or Chaos Channels (wings), but I never could explain why. I'll play closer attention to this the next time I play.

From Dr. Bob:

You earn the most fame for conquering an opponent wizard's tower. (a few points depending on city size; 5 extra fame for banishing or 10 for defeating). I try to banish the opponents repeatedly to push up the fame/ hero levels. 10 or 20 banishes is very doable.

This reminds me of a great cheat I learned from a friend. When preparing to attack your opponent's fortress, meet with them first by clicking on their jewel. Regardless of your current relation, donate your gold as a tribute until they have enough gold/mana to cast the Spell of Return. I believe you only need 1000 gold or mana, so its not too expensive. Then go ahead and raze their fortress and banish the wizard. As usual, you will find spells, earn gold, and gain fame. As long as your opponent has another town to return to and enough gold/mana to cast the Spell of Return, you can continue this process multiple times on the same wizard!

From duncan@midwest.net:

Here is an idea. First take life magic books and make sure to get the life spell Resurrection. Next, send the heroes you don't like or don't want around for a while to die in a tough node or lair. Go on collecting heroes and killing them. Then when you really need a good hero, cast Resurrection and choose one.

Interesting idea. But personally I would rather just ditch the heroes I don't want and keep the goods ones in my army. Using this proposed scenario, the dead heroes would not be accruing experience points which does them no good. But this is the kind of thinking I am looking for in how to use heroes!

From Dr. Bob:

If you send the hero to certain death, you might lose a few fame points, depending on the hero's level. But you can avoid the fame loss if you win the battle! Put the hero in a stack and let the hero lead the attack. Once he has been killed, use the remaining heroes to win the battle!

Good idea. I only recommend killing a hero or champion on purpose when your first acquire them. They are of low rank and you will lose no fame for their death. However, when a higher-level hero dies, you lose half a fame point per level of the hero! So if you want to get rid of a higher-level hero -- although I can't see why you would -- it would be best to use the suggestion above or simply dismiss the hero.

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